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Nicholas Casey's Wall Street Journal article with photos.

July 25, 2010 Interview with Kevin Huckabee, Shohn's Dad
KVIA El Paso, ABC Channel 7
EL PASO, Texas -- Two El Paso men remain in a Cereso prison after a trip across the border landed them behind bars last December.

23-year-old Shohn Huckabee and his co-worker, 37-year old Carlos Quijas, were headed to Juarez for cheap repair work on a vehicle when they say the Mexican military ran them off the road.

Mexican soldiers say they found two suitcases full of marijuana in the vehicle, but Huckabee and Quijas claim it was planted there by the Mexican authorities that stopped them.

Shohn's father, Kevin Huckabee, has been fighting to get his son out of prison for the past seven months. He alleges the soldiers in the prison have beaten, shocked, and threatened his son with death while in prison.

Since that day in December, Shohn, who is the owner of a construction company in El Paso, has woken up in prison and away from his wife and family.

Their families are doing the best they can to navigate the Mexican justice system.

"It's not anything like what we would have here. It's just people gathered around a desk," says Kevin Huckabee. "We've been through a series of lawyers, none of which spoke English."

A final verdict in the case is expected later next week.

"It's been very difficult. No one wants to be in a position with their children like that," says Kevin.

Christian Science Monitor
UN questions Mexican Army's role in drug war

A United Nations report calls on the Mexican government to consider withdrawing the military from the streets amid a spike in human rights complaints.