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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Urgent Action - Send fax and emails now to Mexican Judge and US officials


Shohn Huckabee, an American citizen who was wrongfully and illegally detained, tortured, and charged by the Mexican Army in Cd. Juarez. He has been imprisoned for 17 months. His final appeal on based on the preponderance of evidence and witness testimony that clearly reveals his innocence will be decided by a Magistrate this week. If his wrongful conviction is not overturned, he will have to come back to serve his sentence as a convicted felon in the US. He has endured 17 months in prison out of his belief that justice would prevail, because he is innocent. We desperately request that you take a few minutes to sign the letters and fax the Spanish leter to the Judge immediately.
Time is of the essence, as the final decision will be made this week.
We will confirm the fax number to the Tribunal Court in Mexico tomorrow, Sunday morning, and post it here for you. Please take action to free Shohn now. We will also post the email to Texas elected officials and Hillary Clinton, as the US State Department is responsible for policies and diplomatic efforts on behalf of US ciizens.

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