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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Urgent Request- Critical Shohn needs your help now!

Nearly 3,000 people from all around the US signed the petition Justice for Shohn Huckabee. We have had no meaningful or recognizable response from the elected officials who received the petition directly by fax.
A very sensitive and important development has occurred in the issues affecting Shohn's final constitutional appeal. His case was transferred to a court in Culiacan, Sinaloa, an eight hour plane trip away from El Paso. He has no legal representation there before the Magistrates who will most likely decide his appeal NEXT WEEK. This is the difference between his being freed to return home without carrying an unjust conviction on his record for the rest of his life. Shohn is innocent and has nothing to hide. He is clearly a victim of the corruption and medieval system of justice.
We need you to please fax a letter to the Magistrate who will decide his case next week. We will post a sample in Spanish that you can use here later today. If you can not dial Mexico from your home fax, please go to a Fedex Kinko's or other mail service to fax the letter to the judge asking for full consideration of the preponderance of the evidence demonstrating Shohn's innocence. We need to show them that we care and are closely following the just resolution of Shohn's case.
Please email us at or for any additional information you might need. If you would like to go ahead and send a message of your own now, in English or Spanish , please address it to:
Fax: from US dial 011 52 667 846 5713

Today, June 8, without any warning, Carlos Quijas his co defendant was removed from the cell they share with two others at 5:00 AM and sent to the airport and flown to a very isolated prison island off the Pacific coast. This is illegal. There is no way to communicate with him, or to get him money to pay for food and toiletries out there. It is illegal to transfer prisoners who have an appeal underway. We don't know what the message is within this plot.


  1. They must have sent him to the Marías Island Penal Colony.

  2. That was the official press release information,however his family has been told that they can not communicate with him for thirty days, and the official story to them now does not confirm his location. Very creepy.