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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please call Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Senator Kay Bailey of Texas received nearly 3,000 petitions respectfully asking that she take any and all action to investigate the events that led to Shohn's torture and wrongful conviction in Mexico, and to work to free him.
Now, we each need to take 5 minutes to help save Shohn. Senator Bailey needs to hear from us right now and to know that we are serious, and that Shohn is in great peril and we are running out of time. His case has been transferred over 1,000 miles away and he has no representation. It will be decided next week.
I just called her office in Austin, and they have notes about the case, but will refer my message to Washington. Call any office in Texas, and call Washington to let her know that we expect her to do her best for an innocent son of her own state before it's too late.
Here's a link to all her phone numbers throughout Texas and Washington:

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