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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Give a minute to save Shohn- Email US State Department

Here's the direct link to the State Department. Please email them for Shohn. Remind them that nearly 3,000 people signed the petition calling for his release, and that he is an American citizen victimized by the very corrupt and failing systems that our own State Department is fully apprised.!

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  1. Dear Secretary of State-
    Have you taken any action to review and call for a just, resolution in the federal appeal underway in a Mexican tribunal court in Culiacan, Sinaloa, to overturn the illegal detention, torture, and subsequent unjustified conviction in 2010 of Shohn Huckabee in Cd. Juarez, Chihauahua, Mexico?
    His Amparo is being reviewed right this minute, with a decision expected on Monday, July 4th. Ironic, isn't it, that his liberty and freedom from a feudalistic, authoritarian system that has entrapped him will give its final word on the restoration of his freedom on that day?
    The Amparo is a means to address the human rights and federal law violations that led to Shohn's imprisonment and unjust sentencing for a crime he is innocent of having committed.
    The El Paso City Council unanimously called on our State Department to carry out a full investigation and review of his case, precisely because it is glaringly obvious that he was wrongly and falsely detained, accused,and processed through the complicity of a corrupt military and judicial operation.
    Unanimously agreed upon by the city council, the El Paso Resolution exists for the express purpose of petitioning our policy makers to defend Shohn from any further abuse or travesties of justice, while highlighting its concern for the thousands of violations occurring throughout Mexico, calling for a withholding of Merida Initiative funding as a minimum consequence for the atrocities civil society, innocents such as Shohn, have mercilessly endured over the past four years.