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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I remember when Breanne and Shohn were 16 and 14 and they had a lawn mowing business. They spent their summer days doing yard work for about three different summers. Shohn employed Breanne to drive him around because she had the driver's license. He only paid her on Fridays. They have lots of fun stories to tell about their yard business. Oh the fond memories. Mom


  1. Yeah and before Breanne got her drivers license Mema drove them. Yes they had lots of fun and worked very hard. They both worked hard all their life and could do anything they set their mind to do.

  2. I just found this story through a friend who still lives in Carlsbad. I only knew Shohn in preschool of all places. I was suprised to read this story on facebook. My name is Amanda Beck, however, I used to be a Calvani. I was told we were inseperable at Harding Webster and we walked together in graduation. My prayers are with Shohn and his family =) God Bless you all