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Saturday, April 30, 2011


I know that many of you have been checking daily to see if there are any updates. Well here it is. We are still waiting for the Tribunal to make a decision on Shohn's case. The paperwork was submitted to the Tribunal on April 19th. The process could take up to six months. There is a new Amparo law that states that if the case has blatant errors, the Tribunal may move the case to the front of the line. As you all know there are blatant errors, so we are praying that it will get moved to the front soon. Also, Gustavo De La Rosa is going to try to put some pressure on the court to hear the case earlier. We still need to keep the signatures going on the Petition.

Kevin is in the middle of drafting a letter in response to Congressman Reyes's letter. He should finish it this weekend.

At this time, we just need to be in prayer that the Tribunal will see the case quickly. Everyday that Shohn is there is a day that he cannot get back in his life. He has missed so much with his family. Every holiday is such an empty day in our hearts because he is not there with us. Shohn can't recover the days that the Mexican army has taken from him, but he will begin to live his life again when he is released. We plan to make every day count. You never know when something can happen and cause you life to change in the blink of an eye. I know God has a plan for Shohn and for our entire family. We are continuing to follow his lead and know that Shohn will be home soon. Shohn's birthday is May 7th and Randi's is May 8th. It looks as though once again he will be spending his birthday in Cereso. What a tragedy.

Thanks to all who have prayed and posted the petition link. We could not have done this without all of you. Also, to all those who have donated again we say Thank You. Some have donated their time, some have donated money, and some have donated goods and services. Again we can never say Thank You enough. You have blessed our family in ways you will never know. We could not have made this last 17 months without all of the support we have received. God has shown us our true extended family and it is enormous.

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  1. our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you during this nightmare. God Bless.
    Chuck and Susan Cooper.