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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Submission of Paperwork

Please pray that today will be the day that the paperwork can be finished. Shohn is getting a little antsy and is hopeful that a transfer will not come down with his name on it. When the Amparo paperwork is filed then they will not transfer him. The papers are just a few hours away from being finished. Pray that God will open up those hours today and allow the final paperwork to be submitted. We have to continue to move forward and keep this in the limelight. For those who do not know about transfers, that means that they could transfer him to another prison in Mexico. If this happens we cannot get food to him, clean clothes, and other necessities of daily living. This would put a huge burden on our family. We want to keep him in Juarez. Thanks to all for your continued support. And once again thanks for the donations that are coming in. We are overwhelmed by all the support we are receiving. Tammy

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