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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The online petition that so many of you have signed is nearing the half way point of our initial goal of 5,000. We have just about 2300 signatures. We would like you to continue to promote it with your neighbors, co workers, friends, and faith communities.
Also, if you can, please write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Calls to your local TV station to ask them to cover the story and developments are very important right now.
We are about to enter a very important phase, where Shohn's attorney will present the case for a Tribunal review, 3 judges will look at the case and the Constitutional Appeal for the violation of individual guarantees and the right to due process and consider the all important perspective of the presumption of innocence. Three federal circuit court judges will actually have to ponder the facts and evidence, review the testimony of his absolutely impartial witnesses, and consider Shohn's case from the perspective of the Presumption of Innocence, which includes and implies the factor and consideration of reasonable doubt. This, in fact, represents a quantum leap towards democracy in Mexico.
Mexican law begins with the presumption of guilt. There is a well know expression in Mexico -For my friends, whatever they want, for the rest, the Law- Any and everyone charged, or not even charged but detained while charges are being considered, can be held in secret detention (arraigo) or prison for years, because they have been declared probably guilty without a hearing before any investigation or a case is presented, regardless of circumstances. The names of the officials, investigators, or others involved with are kept secret in many cases. We do not know the name of the person (military legal staff) who actually drafted the initial charges against Shohn. The two soldiers who signed it do not know his name, either, according to their testimony. Those two soldiers would not even look Shohn in the eye, their heads were bowed down, as he questioned them about why they assaulted him, stole his cash, wedding ring, cell phone, and other work related articles in the truck, then took him to be tortured, and then dropped him off with charges of being in possession of two suitcases of marjuana. His truck, supposedly 'secured' by the federal police in their own parking lot, was returned months later, missing the stereo, lights, spare tire, battery, set of subwoofers, amplifier and a Dodge Ram emblem.

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