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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Give a minute to save Shohn- Email US State Department

Here's the direct link to the State Department. Please email them for Shohn. Remind them that nearly 3,000 people signed the petition calling for his release, and that he is an American citizen victimized by the very corrupt and failing systems that our own State Department is fully apprised.!

Email Kay Bailey Hutchison NOW

Shohn's case is being reviewed right now, with final decision due on Monday, July 4 relating to overturning the unjustified conviction and sentencing, after being unjustifiably detained, tortured, and framed by the Mexican Army and the corrupt justice system in Cd. Juarez in December of 2009.
Just 2 weeks ago the US granted political asylum for a Cd Juarez citizen precisely because of the dangers presented to ordinary citizens by the Mexican Army, federal police, and archaic, arbitrary judicial system.

Please call and email Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson NOW. We can't imagine that she hasn't taken Shohn's case to heart, calling for a review and response from her counterparts and official policy makers. Shohn Huckabee is innocent of all charges, the testimony and evidence speaks for itself. Let her know you fully expect that that the United States, through any and all channels,do all in its power to see that Shohn is exonerated and freed immediately. Let her know that nearly 3,000 people signed a petition demanding support from our government and policy makers, and he deserves to come home now

The decision about Shohn's freedom is to be made on Independence Day, Monday, July 4th! Email Senator Bailey Hutchinson. Please do all you can to get him home, now.
Kay Bailey Hutchinson
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
500 Chestnut Street
Suite 1570
Abilene, Texas 79602
325-676-2937 (FAX)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
961 Federal Building
300 East 8th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
512-916-5839 (FAX)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
10440 N. Central Expressway
Suite 1160
Dallas, Texas 75231
214-361-3502 (FAX)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
1906 G East Tyler St
Harlingen, Texas 78550
956-412-1468 (FAX)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
1919 Smith Street
Suite 800
Houston, Texas 77002
713-209-3459 (FAX)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
3133 General Hudnell Drive
Suite 120
San Antonio, Texas 78226
210-349-6753 (FAX)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-4304
202-224-0776 (FAX)
202-224-5903 (TDD

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update June 14th: Report on meeting with Magistrate

Kevin is returning from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico after today's meeting with the Magistrate who will issue final judgement on Shohn's Appeal. He met with him for two hours and was told that the decision will be issued within a week. He is guardedly hopeful that the facts and supporting documentation he was able to present allowed a clearer insight and understanding of the flawed process that caused Shohn to be victimized and wrongfully imprisoned. Importantly, he was provided a certified interpreter.
Please, please, send the l etter to the Magistrate, it is of vital importance that he know we are watching this closely and care deeply about fair and impartial justice. Scroll down this page, copy and paste either the English or Spanish version of the letter into an email, sign, state location, and send to
That is the office of the Human Rights Ombudsman for Cd. Juarez, and they are forwarding our mail on to the Magistrate.
Your prayers and solidarity are greatly cherished.
Thank you all!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Remember to send emails to the Magistrate deciding Shohn's case

Please don't forget to take a minute and copy the letter below in Spanish or English and email it on to the Magistrate NOW. There will not be another opportunity to do this. Send it now to
Just type your name on the bottom, and anything else you want to add. Write a note in English, send the English version if you want. Show your support now.
Thank you all very much!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update- Urgent letter for Shohn to Mexican Magistrate

Since we can not confirm the fax number we have for the Magistrate's office, we are going to take a different approach, much easier for all of you.
Please email the Spanish language letter to the Magistrate, just copy and paste into an email, sign your name and include your city/state if you like and send it to the
Please do this now and ask all to do the same. Post it on Facebook. We need to get this to the Magistrate's attention now. The final decision could come as early as Wednesday.
Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

Urgent email to Judge for SHohn- Spanish

Send to the email address below
Confianza Ciudadana

Favor de enviar este mensaje al Magistrado. Muy amable y mil gracias.

Attn: Magistrado Eucebio Avila Lopez
Primer Tribunal Colegiado de Circuito del Centro Auxiliar de la Quinta Región (Culiacán)

Honorable Magistrado Ávila López:

Por medio de la presente escribimos en apoyo a Shohn Huckabee, un joven de 24 años, dueño de una pequeña empresa cuya vida ahora sufre los daños irrevocables de una convicción y encarcelamiento por un crimen que ni el, ni su empleado, Carlos Guillermo Quijas, cometieron.

Creemos que, usted, al emplear su jurisprudencia en una revisión propia, y a fondo, al aplicar su discreción jurídica podrá determinar que, después de 17 meses de un encarcelamiento dictado sin causas y bajo prejuicio, en sus manos radica la habilidad de restaurar no solo la libertad de Shohn, sino también la de su desafortunado empleado.

Hoy en día, se da por hecho que en los procesos penales una convicción se dictamina solamente después de analizar evidencia obtenida de manera legítima por una autoridad acusatoria. Lo anterior no sucedió en el caso que ahora espera su sabia revisión. En algún momento se decía que es mejor liberar a diez hombres culpables que condenar a un inocente. Dado que, con el paso de los años, nuestro mundo ha sido victima de la violencia que atraviesa el planeta cabe mencionar que una sociedad se mide por el trato que se le otorga a los menos afortunados así como la justicia garantizada por su sistema jurídico. La privación de la libertad debe ser solo después de la culminación de un proceso legítimo; entendiendo que la presunción de inocencia no solo es el cimiento de la justicia sino es la base fundamental de una sociedad democrática.

El caso que ahora se le presenta es un ejemplo de los errores inaceptables que pueden plagiar al sistema jurídico. Estamos concientes de las pruebas, o falta de las mismas, que encontrará al examinar el caso a detalle, mismas que en nuestros corazones y mentes, creemos hablarán por si mismas, o como algunos dirían - res ipsa loquitor.

¿Por qué sucedió? Es un caso en donde la justicia estuvo omisa; no existió un manejo legitimo de la evidencia, los testigos de la autoridad acusatoria se contradijeron, el juicio en sí fue llevado a cabo de forma displicente con falta al respeto al proceso y al sistema – por razones desconocidas se manejó con rapidez y pareció existir presión por obtener la sentencia reiterando que, por lo menos en este caso, la corte mexicana no obró con justicia. Le suplicamos examinar el caso con la diligencia que se merece. Imploramos que actúe en el nombre de libertad, justicia y como autoridad moral- finalmente mostrando una acto de gran humanidad.


Urgent Email regarding Shohn's final Appeal

Please print the Spanish translation posted below, sign with name and place of residence (city/state) and email it to
This in English can be emailed to elected officials here in the US. I"ll post email addresses here in following post.

Tel: From US- 011 52 667 846 5757
Attn: Magistrado Eucebio Avila Lopez
Primer Tribunal Colegiado de Circuito del Centro Auxiliar de la Quinta Región (Culiacán)


We write in support of Shohn Huckabee, now 24, a young, self employed small business owner whose life has been dramatically and irrevocably impacted by a conviction and imprisonment for a crime that neither he, nor his employee Carlos Guillermo Quijas, in fact committed.

At the outset, we feel that your cool reflection and proper exercise of judicial discretion will restore not only Shohn's freedom, but also that of his unfortunate employee after some 17 months of unjust imprisonment without cause and with great prejudice.

It is a given that in any penal proceeding in the civilized world, a conviction can be had only on legal evidence that has been properly obtained by the charging authority. This was not done in the case that awaits your decision. There was a time when it was said that it was better that ten guilty men go free rather than to incarcerate one who is innocent. Given that over time our world has become more brutalized by the violence that seems to be sweeping the globe, it bears mention that a society is measured by how it treats the least fortunate and by the fairness of its penal system. To take one's freedom has been authorized across the world only on a showing of due process. The presumption of innocence is the basis of a fair trial and of a democratic society.

The case in bar is a singular example of a system gone grievously and unacceptably wrong. We are aware of the evidence, or lack thereof, that you will find on a close examination of the file before you. We will not belabor it, for we believe in our hearts and minds that the evidence speaks for itself - res ipsa loquitor, as some would say.

Why? Because there is no showing of a proper chain of custodial evidence, the prosecution's witnesses contradicted themselves, the trial itself was conducted in a seemingly lackadaisical manner, in short - because for reasons not known to us, there was a rush to judgment and justice in Mexico was in this instance not served. We urge you to examine the file with great care. We urge you that in an act of great humanity, you act in the name of freedom, justice, and moral authority.